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How it works
How it works

  • 1. Post

    Add item - HAVE

    Post the product, service or real estate you want to trade.

    • Use a good, descriptive and concise title,
    • Upload a good picture,
    • Add the value, available quantity and the trade period,
    • Give a detailed description,
    • Select the relevant category and sub-category for the item.

    Add item – WANT

    Post your needs, simply and fast.

    • Use a good, descriptive and concise title,
    • Add the value, quantity needed and trade period,
    • Give a detailed description of your need,
    • Select the relevant category and sub-category.

    Alternatively, you can use another member’s post in order to create your own post in your WANT list!

  • 2. Match

    tradenow platform matches all members’ products and services automatically and in real time and suggests opportunities for barter trading according to your needs. Choose what is right for you and make an offer.

  • 3. Trade

    Make an offer for products or services you are interested in.

    • Add as many items from your HAVE list,
    • Add as many items from the other member’s list,
    • Offer or ask for trade points,
    • Set the trade period,
    • Negotiate and agree on the trade with or without the use of trade points,
    • Print the confirmation coupon (which you will receive via email) that contains the other member’s contact information, the traded items and their respective values, as well as the unique trade coupon code,
    • Agree with the other member how and where the trade will take place:
      1. In preselected trade meeting points – tradenow meeting points,
      2. Through a collaborating courier service at special discount prices,
      3. At a point of your own choosing.

    At the time of the trade of your goods or services, receive the confirmation coupon from the other member. For trades including trade points you need to enter the trade coupon code of the other member in order for the trade points to be transferred to your account.

  • 4. Rate

    Upon completion of the trade, rate the product or service you received.

    Trade Points

    Trades may be completed with or without using Trade Points – TPs. The trade point is an internal platform unit equal to 1 €.

    1 Trade Point (1TP) = 1€

    Trade points are used as a complementary internal currency to cover any possible differences that may arise during a trade process between two members.

    Trade points are purchased form the platform using the electronic payment methods available. Each point is valued at 1€.

    Offered or requested points on an offer are transferred only upon completion / verification of the trade.

    tradenow Benefits
    • Fully automated matching system for goods and services with the option for 3-way matching.
    • Structured and secure offer and acceptance process, with messaging functionality within the platform.
    • Ability to create your own trade network (Follow item or member).
    • Handling of multiple sub-accounts through the main account.
    • Integrated rating system for transparency and trust.
    • Protection against malicious content and messaging through internal reporting system.
    • Expert trade support team.
    • Smart Search feature: Search items you want and other members have or those that other members want and you have.
    • Advanced search functionality.